Kids and the Digital Age

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for babies and children to be exposed to gadgets. There have been mixed reactions about this as some maintain that kids should have no screen time until a certain age while some believe that screen time actually helps kids in their development.

Recent studies show that limiting screen time for children is outdated already. There is no escaping technology in this digital age. Researchers say that it is not actually the screen time per se that should be the primary concern but the level of interaction between parents and children during screen time. Parents should accompany their children in exploring the digital world and guide them in watching excellent quality shows designed especially for children. Furthermore, researchers say that these interactive screen time between parents or caregivers and children contribute to their mental and psychological well-being. Since it is interactive, the adults are able to help the children process the information and this helps in the absorption of knowledge. And also, since it is interactive, there is a social interaction that is deemed to be an enjoyable and fun experience for the children and they actually feel good during these instances. There are other benefits of this interactive screen time such as enhancement of motor skills and coordination when they play video games, developing communication skills, and it helps develop the kid’s creative abilities.

The digital age is upon us and statistics show that one in every three kids have their own tablets or smartphones. It can be a good thing when parents learn to use technology for the benefit of their children. We can see its effects on our children. Child media experts say that there should be a proper balance of screen time and play time and parents should learn how to strategize in order to maximize the benefits of screen time for their children.

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