I am a work at home mom with two kids. I do not have any helper around the house so I have to balance my time with work, household chores, and taking care of my kids. There are days when the tasks seem daunting. Getting any work done with two active kids around is really a challenge. That is why in as much as I do not want to resort to giving them gadgets, I have no choice sometimes but to do so. Good thing I learned about your application for children and I purchased it right away. As a mother, I want to ensure that they have children-friendly apps on their tablets. Pop Iris is a life saver for me and a game changer for children’s gadgets. It allows children to have fun while learning. Your creative take on the classic books and well-loved children’s books is really fantastic. The colors and designs are so vibrant that is why my kids are so engrossed in reading the Pop Iris books on their tablets. Pop Iris application is really a big help for parents like me who have no choice but to give the tablets or iPads to our children so that they can behave and give us an hour or two of uninterrupted time so we can focus on work or household chores. It is really a big help in getting the job done. In the end, everyone is happy. My kids got their gadget time, they were able to study, and mommy got her work done. With Pop Iris application, I am confident that my kids are having a great time. They are entertained and they learn a whole lot from the stories found in the app. But I make sure that I make it up to them after I finish my work or chores since Pop Iris stories are also designed to be interactive between parents and children. So, thank you Pop Iris!

-Jennifer G., mother of 2 kids

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